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How business process transformation could boost your share of IT services spending

21st April 2023

The IT services market is growing and your clients are increasing their spending. We look at how business process transformation helps you tap into the opportunities that creates. Enterprise spending on IT services is set…

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Optimise your customer journeys using process improvement

24th March 2023

Do you know how, where, when and why customers interact with your business? If not, you’re missing out on opportunities. Process improvement can help you map, visualise and optimise your customer journeys in order to…

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How to build process compliance

22nd March 2023

Achieving process compliance is essential for smooth business operation, as well as to meet legal obligations. We examine what a good plan should contain, and show how a financial services organisation improved its compliance.   …

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Better out than in: why remove business processes?

21st March 2023

Which of your processes aren’t adding value? Identifying and removing these is a vital part of change management. We take a quick look at the role of operating models in streamlining processes. And share an…

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How process simulation can help you achieve cost savings

16th March 2023

In our latest LinkedIn poll, 17% of respondents said achieving cost savings was their top process improvement problem. Using process simulation is one way of dealing with the challenge.   Cost management must be an…

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Seven steps to continuous improvement

15th March 2023

In our recent LinkedIn poll, 83% of respondents said driving continuous improvement was their top process challenge. We look at how you can tackle the problem, and share an example of a successful transformation. Continuous…

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How to choose a process transformation system

8th March 2023

There’s an oft-repeated quote that 70% of complex, large-scale change programmes don’t reach their stated goals. Whether this is accurate or not, it is true that choosing the right process transformation system reduces the risk…

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How to create and use a business capability map

3rd March 2023

Do you know exactly what your organisation does, at every level? A capability map will tell you. Find out how to develop and use one for business and process improvement.   Capability [noun]: the power…

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How to use process improvement to navigate a recession

1st March 2023

With the chance of recession this year on everyone’s mind, is your business prepared? Optimising your business processes will improve your chances of surviving and thriving. Here’s how you can use process improvement to help…

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Why you should choose crowd-driven process mining

27th February 2023

There are many ways of running process mining and discovery; we previously outlined three in this article. This time, we’re going to dig deeper into the crowd-driven method and reveal why it’s of such value.…

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