Our partner, BusinessOptix, has been recognised by Gartner twice in 2023 to date. Firstly for its strengths in modelling an organisation from multiple angles. And secondly for its power in process mining.

March 2023: visionary in 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for process mining tools

Process mining is one of the discovery methods included in BusinessOptix’s comprehensive end-to-end business analysis and transformation platform. Gartner highlighted BusinessOptix’s strengths as market understanding, business solutions and innovation.

Peter McInally, CEO of BusinessOptix said, “We believe this recognition highlights not only our capability to extract valuable insights through process mining but also to empower our customers to leverage our comprehensive transformation platform – from the initial discovery phase all the way through to continuous improvement. This is a level of service BusinessOptix provides that cannot be matched by a standalone mining tool.”

January 2023: core vendor in digital twin of an organisation (DTO) market

In its Market Guide for Technologies Supporting a DTO, Gartner emphasised BusinessOptix’s strength is in its ability to model an organisation from multiple angles. For example top-down, bottom-up, cross-functional and/or at detailed levels within a single area.

Peter McInally, CEO at BusinessOptix said, “It’s exciting for the entire team to see all our efforts to make BusinessOptix the best transformation platform are being recognised. The capabilities that BusinessOptix provides align perfectly to enable a DTO for many types of companies including consulting, system integrators and business process outsourcing. In truth, any end-user organisation would benefit from the capabilities BusinessOptix provides.”

In this market guide, Gartner recognised that BusinessOptix offers:

  • enhanced scenario modelling
  • automation support
  • process mining
  • offline working
  • customer journey mapping
  • process as a grid
  • transformation outputs
  • Kanban boards that support the creation of a closed-loop view of a business

Discover effective ways to apply these capabilities to your business

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