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What do you want your organisation to look like tomorrow? How well is it performing today? What must you do to bridge the gap?

At Cocoon, we are your business transformation partner. We will guide you through the whole journey, from defining current processes to implementing new solutions.

We follow certain fundamental steps that allow us to work through a successful change programme with our clients.

And as a BusinessOptix premier UK partner, we use the platform to enable your business or digital transformation.

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Operating model

Define the ideal operating model

This marks the starting point for your business transformation process. We use BusinessOptix to create a visual representation of how your business works, from top to bottom. As a result, you will be able to identify inefficiencies and risks, and prioritise the most impactful actions.

Customer journey

Improve your customer interactions

Do you know how, when and where customers interact with your business? How well do these touchpoints work? We will help you understand, define and document all stages of a customer journey, to strengthen and smooth your business processes.

Process definition

Map your as-is processes

As a BusinessOptix partner, we use it to define, review, and document your as-is processes. This enables you to capture data to support the definition of KPIs that measure and manage essential metrics (like time, costs, or risks). And, as a result, to identify quick wins in process improvements.

Change management

Drive impactful change

BusinessOptix will also map and record your to-be processes. Use it to identify the standards and systems required to support these processes. Plus, drive change – using agreed KPIs – and understand the impact of this change for your organisation and culture.

Business template

Future-proof your business

Develop a flexible, working business template using the newly defined to-be processes. Setting a baseline for success makes change easier, quicker and more achievable.

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