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How to create a business process improvement plan

20th September 2023

Every process improvement project needs its own plan to boost the chances of a successful outcome. Make sure yours includes these four phases. If you need to improve a process, make a plan A process…

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Your quick guide to effective process improvement

12th September 2023

What makes a process improvement project good? We examine six key stages to follow to ensure success. Process improvement is essential for all businesses Process improvement, quite simply, describes the practice of identifying, analysing and…

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How to be a better business process outsourcing provider

11th September 2023

The failure rate of outsourcing relationships ranges from 40% to 70%, according to Ensure your client relationship doesn’t falter with the help of these tips. Business process outsourcing frees time for key priorities Business…

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Video: exploring the value of crowd-driven process mining

4th September 2023

Discover the transformative power of crowd-driven process mining in this short video

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Five process improvement goals to consider

24th August 2023

Setting goals is a key part of your process improvement plan. We examine the five areas you must consider if you want to deliver the ultimate business transformation. Process improvement is core to every business…

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How process transformation platforms support lean

21st August 2023

Process improvement platforms are the perfect partner for the lean transformation process. We highlight the ways in which the systems complement lean tools and techniques. There are clear parallels between the two According to the…

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How to create an integrated approach to process mapping

10th August 2023

Are you looking to create a complete solution to drive continuous insight into your processes? Here are the key ingredients for the optimal approach. And, take inspiration from a case study on how an organisation…

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Two ways to approach operational resilience

21st July 2023

Where do you start when it comes to improving operational resilience? This article looks at two different ways to set about it. Plus, check out how a financial services organisation achieved compliance.   Resilience (noun):…

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10 common questions about process mapping: answered

12th July 2023

If you’re considering beginning process mapping or improvement, you’ve probably got some questions. We’ve gathered together 10 of the most frequently asked questions – and provided the answers. 1. What will process mapping help me…

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Simple steps to start process optimisation

6th July 2023

Process transformation can seem like a challenging project, for smaller or new businesses in particular. And it’s easy to postpone in favour of other priorities. Here, we examine the first two steps to get you…

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