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BusinessOptix versus Visio

14th November 2022

It can be difficult to choose a business process transformation system. There are plenty available, with similar features and capabilities. So, to help you, we thought we’d run a quick comparison of some key providers.…

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How to run effective process discovery

9th November 2022

How do you currently discover and map your business processes? In our recent LinkedIn poll, 13% of respondents said they used an Excel spreadsheet. Methods like this can generate all sorts of problems: version control,…

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How to run a business process review

21st October 2022

A business process review (BPR) lays the foundations for a successful business transformation. Here’s a handy four-step guide to running an effective review.   A BPR sets you on the right track for business transformation…

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10 digital twin use-cases to learn from

13th October 2022

Are you considering creating a digital twin? To demonstrate their benefits, we’ve compiled examples of use-cases from various industries: automotive, retail, construction, hospitality and gaming. Plus, read to the end to discover two additional and…

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How to create a transformation map

3rd October 2022

It’s always easier to get to your destination if you’ve got a good map. This is just as true in business transformation as when you’re on a walk in the countryside.  Let’s examine how to…

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How digital twins are helping to improve sustainability

20th September 2022

Digital twins play a vital role in helping organisations shape their future and achieve their objectives. Sustainability is often one of these objectives, and it’s currently a priority for many businesses. Here we look at…

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Three considerations for a systems integration project

9th September 2022

Systems integration is one of the most important projects a business can run. We look at key considerations for anyone starting the process, and the role of data mapping in its success.   What is…

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Glossary: business transformation terms

12th August 2022

Bemused by business transformation jargon? Improve your understanding with this glossary of frequently used terms and abbreviations in business transformation and software development. It’s regularly updated, so check again soon if you can’t see what…

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Getting started with process mapping

29th July 2022

Process mapping happens early in a business transformation. It defines the tasks that lead to the delivery of your product or service, or that achieve your business goals. As such, getting it right will set…

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Five questions to ask before you start a business transformation project

28th July 2022

You’ve identified the need for a business transformation process, so surely you should start as soon as possible? Obviously it’s not as simple as that. For the best chance of success, make sure you’ve answered…

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