Is your organisation positioned and prepared to win? Are you flexible enough to capture the opportunities ahead?

The BusinessOptix process transformation platform helps you identify process problems, define goals, model scenarios, and much more.

Deploy BusinessOptix confidently with Cocoon Technology

At Cocoon, we design and develop solutions to help you meet your organisation’s challenges. You may be looking to create an operating model or a digital twin, or to boost team efficiency. Maybe you need to define the stages of a customer journey.

BusinessOptix is a multifunctional platform that provides tools to map, adapt, connect and improve business operations. It will help you eliminate silos and collaborate to deliver better results. And, in a technology partnership, BusinessOptix fully incorporates our data-integration platform - Connections - into its product suite.

As a BusinessOptix premier UK partner, we apply its diverse capabilities as part of a wider solution to deliver your business transformation.


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"We have partnered with Cocoon for many years. The team combine specialist expertise and skills with a collaborative approach, to deliver quantifiable business benefits.

They form lasting partnerships that support customers throughout their transformation journey and beyond."

Peter McInally, CEO, BusinessOptix

Discover the benefits of BusinessOptix

Process mapping and modelling

Define your processes from end to end and gain a detailed, data-driven understanding of how your organisation works.

Scenario modelling and simulation

Improve your ability to move quickly and reduce risk. Create and trial potential changes safely before rolling them out.

Work instructions and documentation

Develop high-performing teams by producing supporting information to help them engage with and efficiently follow processes.

Target operating model design

Outline your ideal model based on your business needs. Align processes, strategies and workflow to improve efficiency.

Governance, risk and compliance (GRC)

Proactively manage reputational, financial and operational risks. Link your GRC tools with business operations, improve collaboration and enable smooth remote working.

Develop your digital twin

Help deliver an effective transformation by creating a virtual copy of your organisation. Use your digital twin as a basis for test-and-learn initiatives that generate continuous improvement.

Process mining and discovery

Gain an accurate, detailed picture of where and how your business is using people, processes and technology. Identify problems, bottlenecks, and areas for improvement.

Transformation planning

Use transformation maps and dashboards to manage and analyse projects, and communicate with your stakeholders to ensure you meet your objectives.

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