So you’re looking for a tool to enhance the management of your people development team. Have you thought of process transformation platforms? Surely they’re only for techy business analysts. Well, not exactly. An HR team might not use the system directly. But incorporating its functionality can have major benefits.

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Business process transformation platforms can help you…

Proactively manage legal compliance 

Every business must comply with employment laws and standards. Are your recruitment processes, benefits policies, or hiring procedures compliant with the regulations? If you can link your compliance tools with business operations, this will enable smooth tracking and monitoring. It’s easy to see which processes are affected by regulatory changes and take action to adjust them.

Develop the wider team

HR or people development is about much more than simply hiring and firing in accordance with the rules. It’s about creating a skilled, rounded, productive and happy team to meet business objectives and goals. With that in mind, removing superfluous tasks and optimising processes is a key objective.

Generating work instructions enables teams to participate in and efficiently follow processes. This will boost their job satisfaction and engagement, and in turn, encourage a positive mindset and approach. It could also have the side-effect of boosting recruitment, as potential new hires are attracted by the culture.

Add value to the business

Optimising HR processes naturally means you’ve got to spend less time manually checking and monitoring them. You can be confident that everything will run smoothly. And, as a result, make better use of your time to focus on adding value rather than doing admin.

Take a different approach to people development

At Cocoon, we design and develop solutions to help you meet your organisation’s challenges. Let us show you how the BusinessOptix process transformation platform can support you and your team. Claim your free demo here

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