Manage complexity in your business with simple, intelligent enterprise data integration. Connections joins disparate systems and legacy solutions regardless of software, platform or data type.

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High-volume enterprise data integration from Cocoon Technology

Connections is exclusive to Cocoon and was developed by our own systems integration specialists. The tool provides end-to-end integration between disconnected systems, whether on demand, in real time or scheduled. Its flexibility means you can apply it to multiple development projects, whether major transformations or targeted implementations.

A virtual platform, Connections enables different systems to communicate effectively. At the same time, it enhances the core functionality of your legacy technology. Connections delivers robust data management, proactive fault tolerance, and efficient exception management. All in a system that’s easy for non-technical users to handle.

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"Cocoon demonstrated the flexibility of Connections - a single point of integration that works with everything you need it to, as a link between any or all business systems. During implementation, the flexibility – how it validates and transforms data – has proved its worth."

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Discover the benefits of Connections

Managing complex data connectivity across your organisation and systems is a challenge. With Connections' flexibility you can manage any-to-any system integrations. It's simple to design, build and deploy processes with the drag-and-drop visual integration designer.


Validate your data and surface exceptions via the web portal. Easily store the message state for subsequent editing and reprocessing.


Make your data compatible with its destination system. Transform it during processing, no matter what type of data or which system it comes from.

Automated processing

Enable fully automated and seamless data integration between multiple systems by using schedule and file-location triggers.


It’s simple to develop processes and deploy solutions, meaning your business benefits almost instantly. Plus, you can easily scale the solution in future.

Visual design

Use a library of modular Blocks to smoothly build each integration process (known in Connections as a Flow). Create Flows using the simple visual integration designer feature.

Open architecture

Easily build end-to-end integrations between disparate systems. Construct a service-oriented architecture to consume or create legacy solution interfaces.


Includes pre-built adaptors that work with many systems like SAP, SunSystems, MS SQL Server, MS Dynamics, IBM AIX and IBM AS/400 iSeries. We can also build a customised adaptor.

Any industry

Connections' versatility means it supports solutions implementation and API integration across multiple industries and organisational functions.

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