How do you make data-driven decisions if you can’t understand or extract the data? A transformation dashboard can help. We examine dashboards’ role in business process improvement and share a quick guide to how to create one.

Set, manage and communicate progress with a transformation dashboard

Transformation dashboards offer multiple ways to access, view, chart and filter the information in your models, master data and forms. They range from a simple table to complex graphs and charts presenting strategic information.

Shareable and customisable, they can be configured to display differing information based on stakeholders or job roles. And it’s possible to interrogate them to uncover more detail, or download the data to a spreadsheet.

Dashboards are created after a target operating model (TOM), and used alongside transformation maps. They are invaluable tools to help set, manage and communicate progress on a project.


Example of a process opportunities dashboard


Process opportunities dashboard from BusinessOptix

Note: to see the above functionality in action with your data, contact us for a free BusinessOptix demo.


A brief guide to creating a dashboard in BusinessOptix

A dashboard can give an overview of your project grouped by business area, priority, and progress against each priority. It can have multiple pages; the first acts as a summary while the rest, known as drill-down pages, supply more detail.

1. Create a new dashboard model, giving it a unique and useful name

2. Define where your data comes from, by creating a data source model. You can configure these to retrieve data from process models, forms and master data. Having created a data source model, you can use it in multiple charts, tables and dashboards

3. Choose and configure the columns, charts or charts required to convey information in the most accessible way

4. Customise the dashboard by BusinessOptix user type (author, participant or viewer) or by job role (for example business analyst)


Provide a better service to your clients

The BusinessOptix process transformation platform provides tools to map, adapt, connect and improve business operations. Discover the benefits of adding BusinessOptix to your consultancy toolkit and claim a free demo.


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