The IT services market is growing and your clients are increasing their spending. We look at how business process transformation helps you tap into the opportunities that creates.

Enterprise spending on IT services is set to grow in 2023

Gartner defines IT services as “the application of business and technical expertise to enable organisations in the creation, management and optimisation of, or access to, information and business processes.”

Quote from Gartner defining IT services spending

It forecasts that enterprise spending on IT services will increase by 5.5% in 2023. And expects spending on consulting to reach $264.9 billion this year; that’s a 6.7% increase from 2022.

Take a share of this expanding market by helping clients create, manage and optimise their processes

– Create… better processes

Discovering how customers’ processes currently work helps you make informed decisions on their behalf. Start by taking log files of the systems supporting the process, and analyse the data to identify areas for improvement.

Once the existing process is mapped, use scenario-modelling and simulation tools to create the new process. A transformation map will help you plan the strategies needed to reach this goal. It’s a flexible tool which works at a functional or pan-organisational level.

– Manage… process change effectively

Transformation dashboards are a valuable tool to support process management and analysis. Use them to track progress against the priorities, activities and metrics outlined in the transformation map. Creating a dashboard gives a detailed view of the initiative, grouped by business area, priority and progress. It’s invaluable in communicating to customers and other stakeholders.

Integrating the management of reputational, financial and operational risks is also a key consideration at this point. Linking your governance, risk and compliance (GRC) tools with operations will foster better collaboration and smoother working.

– Optimise… new processes and future state

All the activities in a business transformation are designed to ultimately produce the optimal process. These tools will help you keep your clients’ new processes on track:

  • Digital twins – creating a virtual copy of an organisation to test reactions to developments
  • Modelling and simulation – run different scenarios to calculate their effects on the business
  • Work instructions and documentation – keep teams up to date, help them follow the new process efficiently

Provide a better service to your clients

The BusinessOptix business process transformation platform covers all the above capabilities and more. From mining and mapping to simulation and planning, use it to continuously adapt and improve business operations.

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