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Basic process transformation in three images

5th July 2023

A picture is worth a thousand words, or so the saying goes. Here’s how to get started with transforming your business processes, in three simple images.   1 Understand your current state 2 Identify how…

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Three benefits of using BPM platforms in your consultancy toolkit

3rd July 2023

Every consultant’s aim is to help clients improve the way they run their businesses. We explore the role of business process management (BPM) systems in delivering solutions to add value and boost efficiency.   Enhance…

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How to achieve and maintain operational resilience

26th June 2023

Operational resilience matters to every business, whatever sector it operates in. Here, we examine the benefits of resilience, and outline seven steps to achieve and maintain it.   Financial services sector must demonstrate resilience by…

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Glossary: business transformation terms

23rd June 2023

Bemused by business transformation jargon? Improve your understanding with this glossary of frequently used terms and abbreviations in business transformation and software development. It’s regularly updated, so check again soon if you can’t see what…

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Why use process transformation platforms in people development teams?

19th June 2023

So you’re looking for a tool to enhance the management of your people development team. Have you thought of process transformation platforms? Surely they’re only for techy business analysts. Well, not exactly. An HR team…

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NEAT recognises BusinessOptix

12th June 2023

Our partner, BusinessOptix, has been recognised as a top-performing vendor in the NelsonHall Vendor Evaluation & Assessment Tool (NEAT) for process-understanding technology.   NEAT assesses a wide range of capabilities This NelsonHall Vendor Evaluation &…

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Process transformation and project management: the perfect partners?

30th May 2023

A successful project manager is made up of many skills and attributes, and has many different roles. We look at the part that business process transformation systems can play in supporting this challenging function.  …

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Eight consulting objectives and how to meet them

10th May 2023

The specifics of each project vary, but at heart every consultation is trying to answer some common, basic questions. We look at what these questions are, and how business process transformation systems can help you…

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Gartner recognises BusinessOptix

27th April 2023

Our partner, BusinessOptix, has been recognised by Gartner twice in 2023 to date. Firstly for its strengths in modelling an organisation from multiple angles. And secondly for its power in process mining. March 2023: visionary…

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Make better decisions using transformation dashboards

26th April 2023

How do you make data-driven decisions if you can’t understand or extract the data? A transformation dashboard can help. We examine dashboards’ role in business process improvement and share a quick guide to how to…

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