Why use BusinessOptix in your consultancy toolkit?

Every consultant’s aim is to help clients change the way they run their businesses – for the better.

BusinessOptix, the business process transformation system, plays a key role in delivering solutions that will add value and boost efficiency.

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Enhance the way your clients run their businesses

Are you certain that your recommendations will produce the results clients want and need? Providing data-backed proof points and evidence is the simplest, most effective way to reassure clients that your solution has merit. BusinessOptix helps supply these, and should be integrated into any consultancy package.


Why use BusinessOptix?

1. Accurately identify the current state 

The first stage of a transformation project is to form your own views of how the client's processes work. Don’t rely solely on their interpretations; these will be clouded by internal biases and preconceptions. Using BusinessOptix means you’re analysing an organisation's current state based on impartial data and evidence.

Build a process map to define the tasks that deliver the client’s product or service. And use process mining to gain an accurate picture of how resources and systems are performing. Achieving a clear current-state view in this way provides strong foundations on which to build recommendations.


2. Decrease project delivery costs

Every individual and organisation wants to do more, for less cost, and faster. Automating or easing key tasks is one way to support this aim.

For example, to improve the discovery stage of a project, you could use crowd-driven process mining. It’s a quick, easy and collaborative way to understand current processes.

The lead analyst sends a survey to all involved in the process, and the responses generate a process diagram. It’s particularly efficient when dealing with large or diverse organisations which are spread over many locations.


3. Recognise new revenue streams

Demonstrating the effects of your recommended solutions is key in building trust with clients. Believing a change will generate a return on investment is one thing. Knowing it for sure - that's another thing altogether.

Running transformation scenarios and simulations allows you to validate assumptions in a lower risk way. Similarly, digital twins have huge advantages in helping businesses to trial process changes and explore options.

As such, digital twins can reveal previously unidentified alternatives and revenue-creating opportunities. As well as identifying and eliminating changes that won’t work.


Provide a better service to your clients, backed by BusinessOptix

BusinessOptix is a multifunctional, intuitive platform that’s proven to help businesses efficiently identify problems, define goals, and model improvements. Its flexibility allows you to manage an entire transformation from end to end, or simply tackle a standalone problem.


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