There are many ways of running process mining and discovery; we previously outlined three in this article. This time, we’re going to dig deeper into the crowd-driven method and reveal why it’s of such value.

Crowd-driven mining is collaborative, quick and easy

Most of us are familiar with the principles of crowdfunding or crowdsourcing. They involve getting groups of people to contribute towards generating a particular outcome.

Crowd-driven process mining works in the same way. The method entails sending activity discovery surveys to everyone involved in a process. Once these are completed, the system generates a diagram of the process. And the business analyst manipulates the responses to refine and improve that process.

However, the ultimate benefits of process mining are the same, whatever method you use. So why should you choose the crowd-driven method over any other? In order to:


– Reduce discovery time and accelerate data capture

Preparing data for a process transformation can be a time-consuming and fiddly job. You must extract everything relevant to your process: the activity, when it’s done, any unique identifying details etc. Doing this manually can lead to mistakes like duplicated or incorrectly entered data.

Using crowd-driven mining means you don’t have to dig out all this information yourself; the survey does it for you. Participants in the process simply input details of how they complete the activity.

– Take an objective approach to discovering current-state processes

The standardised format of an activity discovery survey means every process user supplies the same information. As an analyst, you’re getting factual, unbiased data rather than subjective opinions. And the more data you gain, the richer and more accurate the result.

– Get a comprehensive view of the current-state process

Each individual may only carry out part of a process, and therefore be unable to describe it in its entirety. Involving all stakeholders at every relevant touchpoint leads to a fuller and clearer picture.

– Monitor risks and correct compliance errors

Having a clear picture of the current-state process facilitates compliance with your environmental, social and governance (ESG) measures. It helps identify where risks have been introduced, and find ways to reduce or eliminate them. This applies both to understanding the current state and monitoring the newly optimised process.

– Find savings quicker and improve resource allocation

Completed surveys enable analysts to monitor variables to understand where and how they’re being used. As the process is generated from the completed surveys, it becomes clear where efficiency gains could be made. Can you automate or remove any steps, or allocate resources differently?

– Scale and adapt to your team and process

Crowd-driven discovery works for all sizes of organisation and levels of process complexity. It’s also an effective method for businesses with multiple sites or offices. It’s clearly quicker and easier to email a survey than to co-ordinate and run workshops online or in real life.

Take a different approach to process mining and discovery

Crowd-driven mining is a unique feature of BusinessOptix. The platform provides a detailed, data-driven understanding of your business processes and the tools to improve them.

We work with our partners at BusinessOptix to help you integrate and apply its process-mining capabilities. To arrange a free demo, simply leave your details here and we’ll be in touch.

Discover the power of crowd-driven process mining in this short video (click or tap on the image below)

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