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Improve your cost control, vendor and contract management, and compliance, using the Trinity Cost Control solution.

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Simple compliance and cost management from Cocoon Technology

The Trinity Cost Control solution is aimed mainly at operators in the pub, hospitality, retail and multi-site leisure industries.

It will empower your organisation to:

  • Check and manage costs
  • Develop better, smoother vendor relationships
  • Obtain and organise staffing services
  • Administer contracts with customers, suppliers, business partners or employees
  • Ensure you comply with Security Industry Authority (SIA) and Private Security Authority (PSA) regulations for licensing and checking staff
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Trinity Cost Control solution logo

"Cocoon demonstrated the flexibility of Trinity Cost Control solution. We operate hundreds of pubs across the UK and were struggling to find a quick and easy way to check the accreditations of new security staff. We also use Trinity's self-billing function to pay our food suppliers; it removes the pain of invoice processing!"

Discover the benefits of Trinity Cost Control solution

Cost-control software

Identify and manage business costs. Remove paperwork errors and omissions, help cut waste and prevent shrinkage.

Our clients say using Trinity's cost control software has typically helped them achieve cost savings of up to 10%.


Ensure security staff, whether employed or subcontracted, are licensed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA).

Trinity's real-time link to the SIA database enables simple, online checking of staff’s status. Thereby ensuring you comply with the law.

Self-billing and VAT accounting

Remove the need for invoicing by enabling Trinity's self-billing feature. This HMRC-sanctioned scheme allows you to easily pay suppliers for work or services provided.

In addition, the vendor remittances (invoices) produced are acceptable for VAT purposes.

Vendor management

Automate and streamline the processes involved in managing your vendor relationships.

Save time, improve efficiency, and make it easier to manage multiple vendors. As a result, help build stronger relationships with suppliers.

Contract management

Ease the pain of managing and executing multiple contracts successfully.

Trinity's contract management software enables you to monitor suppliers’ performance against contract requirements, KPIs and SLAs.

Seamless integration

Smoothly combine Trinity with your ERP solutions to allow automated payments.

Improve productivity by cutting the time spent on invoice processing and related administrative tasks.

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