Every organisation wants to improve and become more efficient. But do you know how it’s working now and what you must do differently to get better? Process mining will tell you. Here’s how you can apply it to your business.

Use process mining to help improve operational performance

Process mining is a way of extracting data to give an accurate picture of how your systems are performing. For example are they using resources efficiently? Where are the problems and how could you overcome these?

You don’t have to be a technical or IT person to use or take advantage of process mining. Its benefits are applicable across numerous functions. The tools help create business cases, monitor metrics like KPIs and support decision making.

A typical cycle could look like this

Process mining is ongoing; it’s not a one-off event. Continuous use helps you monitor the changes made and drive ongoing improvements.

Typical representation of process mining, created by BusinessOptix

Source: BusinessOptix

You can apply process mining to multiple situations

The data generated helps make processes better across a wide variety of areas and businesses. The following are just three examples of many use cases.

  • Customer service – smooth processes for your customers and make it easier for your team to solve any problems
  • Finance – find and eliminate delays in payment processes to cut the number of debtor days and improve working capital
  • Retail – improve supply chain flows for better distribution and stock replenishment from warehouse to store or delivery

To help get started, check out this handy download outlining these and other use cases: Eight use cases for process mining

Automation removes subjectivity

Organisations used to mine processes manually via workshops or simple observations. Automating the data retrieval makes it more efficient and ensures you only get the facts.

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Get help with your process mining challenges

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