Case study

Triumph: new systems integration solution

Triumph Motorcycles was scoping out a project to replace its bespoke systems integration solution. It needed to ensure financial and operational systems, like sales and distribution, worked together efficiently.

Discover how we worked closely with Triumph and used our systems integration platform, Connections, to power this solution.

Operational systems are run for ordering component parts, and for the sales and distribution of motorcycles, components, clothing and accessories.

All these systems fed financial data into SunSystems Order Fulfilment and Financials, which Triumph had used since 2002. SunSystems’ procedures for this integration were written in VB script.

Triumph needed to replace the integration between its operational systems and the SunSystems financial management software.

Triumph Motorcycles was not looking for another bespoke product.

It wanted established integration software, from a supplier with a proven track record for support and professional services.

Our specialists held fact-finding workshops with Triumph and consultants from Infor (the authors of SunSystems). We wanted to eliminate the potential risks of replacing the bespoke integration.

Our in-house software package, Connections, supplied the best solution. The virtual platform provides end-to-end integration between disconnected systems, enabling them to communicate effectively.

We ensured Connections boosted the system’s functionality, particularly in processing speeds. At the same time, we guaranteed a like-for-like replacement in terms of transforming, validating, and integrating data.

The benefits

The change in processing speed was phenomenal. Plus, staff no longer have to upload invoices into the evening, or worry about overlapping with other processes. This means less impact for system users.

Triumph Motorcycles has also gained total visibility of its system, and the security it needs for auditing.

“It is refreshing in the service sector industry to come across a company that is so customer focused; it is definitely ingrained within the culture of Cocoon. This differentiates them from other resellers - the difference is someone that cares.”

Carl Fox, Systems Accountant